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The all-new Ford Bronco is one of the most exciting and off-road capable SUV’s to roll out of the Blue Oval factory in years. While Ford did a great job creating a turn-key off-roader, like most things in life, there’s always room for improvement. In this article, we’re taking a look at ten of the easiest and most worthwhile upgrades to get your 2021 and newer Ford Bronco better suited for adventure.

Lift Kits Ground clearance is king off-road. The more you have, the easier it will be to move over obstacles on the trail. To give your Bronco a boost, Rough Country offers a variety of suspension systems ranging from 1 to 7 inches of lift. So, no matter if you are just trying to level the vehicle or make room for 40-inch-tall tires, there’s no shortage of options. Be sure to also check out Rough Country’s latest wheel selection as well as they are designed with the correct backspacing and offset needed for the Bronco platform.

Rock Sliders There’s always a chance for body damage on the trail. However, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of damage by upgrading your Ford Bronco with a set of rock sliders. The ones shown are comprised of 1/8-inch-thick steel construction and ship with a flat black powder coat finish. There’s no drilling necessary for these bolt-on sliders, and they can be used with or without a body lift. For those not looking for such extreme protection, Rough Country also offers an assortment of steps to make getting in and out much easier.

Floor Liners Maybe the easiest way to protect your Bronco’s interior is with a set of heavy-duty floor liners. Rough Country’s are an exact fit for the four-door Bronco and designed to protect your carpet from the elements. The textured surface keeps your feet from slipping, and there’s even a spill saver lip to prevent liquids from reaching the carpet.

Tie Rod Sleeves There most commonly known weak point on the all-new Ford Bronco platform can be found at the steering. To prevent your steering links from collapsing under pressure, Rough Country created HD Tie Rod Sleeves. These take the O.D. of the link from ½-inch to a full 1-inch! These are an easy bolt-on upgrade and work with all ranges of lifts that retain the factory inner tie rod ends. For only $44.95, you can easily fix something the factory simply overlooked.

Front Bumper Increasing your Bronco’s approach angle will open up line choices on the trail. This can make for a safer and less stressful off-road journey. The easiest way to modify the approach angle is by replacing the factory front bumper with a high-clearance one. The one shown from Rough Country not only gives your Bronco an easier way to attack an obstacle, but allows for two useful trail upgrades- a winch and auxiliary lighting.

Reinforcement Kit If you’re planning on moving up tire sizes on your Bronco, be sure to compensate for this added load by reinforcing the tailgate. Rough Country offers not only a reinforcement kit, but a relocation bracket as well. This means you can have the strength you need along with a higher mounting positing so you can carry up to a 37-inch-tall tire.

Hydraulic Hood Assist From basic service to installing upgrades, make your time under the hood easier by upgrading to Rough Country’s Hydraulic Hood Assist for the Bronco. This entire bolt-on upgrade takes under an hour to complete and will make opening and closing your hood an absolute breeze. So, ditch the old prop rod and add convenience and innovation to your Bronco.

Rear Bumper More protection, room for extra lighting, and sensor ready. Give the rear of your Bronco a boost in style and durability with the Rough Country FAB Bumper. Built with step inserts, room for a 35-inch-tall tire, and recessed D-ring mounts, this bumper is built with functionality and strength in mind. It will work with or without the factory hitch and can be outfitted with an assortment of Rough Country lighting upgrades.

Mesh Bikini Top Want to get that open top feel, but need some shade from the sun? The Rough Country Mesh Bikini Top is your answer. This easy to install shade is designed to block 70-percent of the sun’s UV rays and connects to stock mounting locations on your Bronco. Even better is that it can remained installed with the factory top installed.

LED Ditch Lights Need to keep your wheeling adventures going into the night? Well, illuminate your path easily with a pair of LED ditch lights. Rough Country’s 3-inch Osram Wide Angle Series lights pump out 13,500 lumens with a 140-degree light spread. This kit is entirely bolt-on and will not interfere with the hood or body panels on your Bronco. The wiring harness, lights, and all necessary brackets and hardware are included.

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