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Rough Country is dedicated to empowering the next wave of leaders in the automotive aftermarket and outdoor products. The RC-ATP program is designed to provide emerging talent with the skills and exposure they need to advance their careers.

The RC-ATP program is a two-year program designed to help members grow in their careers. It's a comprehensive program that includes leadership training, challenging assignments, and the chance to see how different parts of the company work together.

The program is broken down into three 4-month rotations, where members will take on challenging assignments to help them build their leadership and functional skills. These assignments are carefully chosen to make sure members are constantly learning and growing, with a focus on key areas like production, safety, and sales. By the end of the program, members will have a solid understanding of the company's operations and be well on their way to becoming leaders.

After finishing the rotations, RC-ATP members will get to work in a critical role at the company for 12 months. This is a chance for them to use what they've learned and make a real difference. The hands-on experience will help them grow their leadership and functional skills while contributing to the success of Rough Country.

RC-ATP is a great option for recent graduates and post-military individuals who want to start careers with a dynamic and fast-growing company. Program members can learn various skills and gain experience that will help them build fulfilling careers.

The Rough Country Accelerated Training Program is a challenging program that helps new grads and post-military individuals gain the skills and experience they need to kick-start their careers with confidence. If you're ready to boost your career, think about applying to the RC-ATP program now! For more information or to apply, contact Greg at

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